Fresh: Cool Clubs Chicago

fresh-cool-clubsAs the weather gets nicer, golf courses all over start to pack ’em in.

What these eager golfers might not realize, however, is that their current set of clubs may not be the best for their individual golfing technique.

Cool Clubs Chicago, open in The Golf Practice in Highland Park, helps buyers choose from 25,000 current club and shaft combinations that will best fit their swing before purchasing.

“We offer more demos of club and shaft combinations than anyone,” says Mark Timms, Founder and CEO of Cool Clubs.

A typical fitting at Cool Clubs includes the testing of the golfer’s current set of clubs to measure loft, lie, swing, and shaft frequency. The software then evaluates the data and recommends changes to club configurations.

Using the most current and advanced technology, Cool Clubs uses their V1-8CAM laser putting studio, which consists of 8 cameras that record your stroke to measure alignment, loft, length, lie, path, spin, skid ratio, acceleration and speed. This technology delivers dramatic improvements for amateur golfers, bringing them down to single digit handicaps.

“Our rapid growth has been fueled by superior technology, the expertise of our fitters and club builders, and personalized service to each golfer,” Timms says.

Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, upgrade to a custom set of clubs to take your game to the next level.

Cool Clubs Chicago is expected to open their location in Highland Park Monday, July 29.


Cool Clubs
1546 Old Deerfield Rd.
Highland Park
[email protected]