Happy Feet

Brought to you in proud sponsorship with Illinois Bone and Joint Institute.


Just when we don’t think high heel shoes can get any higher—they do!

We recently asked Dr. Amy Jo Ptaszek of the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute of Glenview/Wilmette, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in foot and ankle injuries, for some tips about what we can do when we sacrifice our feet for fashion.

Try shoes on.

    Beautifeel, Munro, Merrell, Ecco, and Privo all make fashionable, supportive footwear with the latest in shoe technology. “You don’t have to buy the most expensive brand to get a good shoe,” Dr. Ptaszek explains. “But it’s important to know that there are stylish shoes available that are also kinder to your feet.” And as far as tennis shoes go—Asics, Ecco, and New Balance are among Dr. Ptaszek’s favorites.
  • Change it up. Even if you think you’re wearing the most comfortable pair of shoes, don’t wear the same shoes everyday. Dr. Ptaszek encourages alternating your favorite shoes so that different parts of your feet are getting a work out depending on what you’re wearing.
  • Choose a wedge. If you want a shoe with height, shoes with a wedge tend to be kinder to your feet than a high heel.
  • Start with off-the-shelf solutions. In correcting foot and ankle problems, start slow. “I often tell my patients to visit a drug store and buy an insert there. If that doesn’t work, we can explore more advanced options—but sometimes the drug store foot remedies do the trick,” Dr. Ptaszek adds.

  • Treat your feet after a long day. Tea tree or peppermint oil may be just the soothing your feet need to forgive you for forcing fashion over comfort.


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