Sacred Brings CBD and Hemp Seed Oil Pain Relief to the North Shore — the Right Way

History has shown that cannabidiol, or CBD as it is more commonly known, has many medicinal effects on the human body. Slowly but surely, history is catching up to modern times when it comes to medical treatment; in June 2018, the Food & Drug Administration approved a drug with CBD for the treatment of two rare forms of epilepsy.

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, but it does not create a “high” that is typically associated with marijuana. However, CBD has begun to receive high marks is in the world of pain relief.

Whether we are everyday warriors who fight aching joints from running or lifting our kids, we are women who have to deal with the discomfort from “that time of the month,” or we are armchair quarterbacks who are coaching or trying to keep up with our kids, we are all not just looking for relief from pain, but increasingly we are looking for more natural alternatives to the pills and artificially created creams, gels, and ointments that blanket our drug store shelves.

Sacred was created to not just be an effective pain reliever, but it was also created to have consumers think differently about what CBD and hemp seed oil can do. And to ensure that North Shore shoppers can experience what these products can do, Sacred CEO Silvia Orizaba opened a retail location in Northbrook Court so they can see, feel, smell, and touch the products firsthand.

Sacred (CBD) Kiosk at Northbrook Court

Orizaba says that Sacred demystifies the intrigue and mystery associated with the use of CBD and hemp seed oil. “Sacred takes a ‘farm to table’ approach to sourcing ingredients and compounds that aid in pain relief,” she says. “By showcasing products and ingredients in their natural states, we are educating consumers about the benefits these ingredients provide.”

Sacred has two lines of pain relief products — one that uses full spectrum CBD oil, and another that uses hemp seed oil. Sacred’s full spectrum oil is minimally refined, leaving most of the plant’s components combined with the oil. There are many indications that full spectrum works with the plant’s other components — other cannabinoids and terpenes, for example — to influence the deliverables of the CBD; this is called the entourage effect. While it sounds good on paper, the real benefits come when customers try the product themselves.

Ultimately, Orizaba is hoping that Sacred’s kiosks — a second one is opening at Chicago’s Water Tower Place in July 2019 and a third one in Lombard in August 2019 — will arouse shoppers’ curiosities while also demonstrating the positive and profound effects that her products have.

“When customers visit us, we encourage them to ask questions about the products and their ingredients before purchasing them to ensure they are informed and confident about their purchase,” Orizaba says. “We take the guesswork out of the shopping experience and show customers where and how to use the products properly. We are helping to reinforce the power of what CBD and hemp seed oil can do.”

Sacred CBD Products

Sacred has been selling its hemp seed oil products online since 2015; its most popular products are its Pain Relief Lotion, its Pain Relief Balm, and its PMS Relief Lotion. Sacred took the learnings from its hemp seed oil products and combined them with what has been learned since Orizaba and Sacred have been in the cannabis industry.

“Having been in the cannabis business since 2012, we have learned that customers are more likely to use the product as a skin lotion as opposed to CBD or hemp seed oil being ingested,” Orizaba explains. “While we offer products where drops of CBD can be placed on your tongue, our most popular products are balms and lotions where people can target their pain relief.”

Orizaba is primed to doing whatever is needed to demonstrate that her products are safe and effective. As but one example she secured FDA registration for her hemp seed oil products — a rarity in the hemp seed and CBD sectors — because she wants customers to know that Sacred stands behind its claims.