Living Single on the North Shore

Still single and living on the North Shore?  Maybe you’re in the wrong lane!

Just like driving on the Edens Spur with its construction these days, being single on the North Shore can get a little congested.  Here’s an example.  (I’ve changed the names, of course.)

About two years ago, I was set up on a blind date with Brad. There was no love connection, in fact, when he went to kiss me good night, I slipped him the cheek.  A few days later, he called me and left a message. Just to be nice, I returned his phone call and left him a message.

The next time I saw Brad, I was sitting outside of El Jardin having dinner with three of my girlfriends. Up he walked arm in arm with a girl.

“I owe you a phone call!” he announced loudly to the entire crowd seated on the patio. I wanted to respond, “Actually, no. You don’t owe me a phone call, since I was RETURNING YOUR CALL!”  I didn’t, though. Instead, I gritted my teeth, and smiled when he introduced me to his date.

Over the next few months, I ran into Brad several times, and each time I was with girls and he was on a date. Where was the justice? When would he see me on a date? I was going through the worst dry spell of my life.

But finally, things changed, and one night I ran into Brad at Cooper’s Hawk. It was actually the night of my first date with my now boyfriend. Brad, of course, was with a different girl.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in this tiny fish tank with all the other single and divorced men and women who live around here.

Frustrated single people often bring up the question, how do you get outside the fish tank?

My theory is that looking for singles on the computer is like shopping at Loehmann’s. There’s an overwhelming amount of merchandise on the racks, but you have to have the time and the patience to sift through all the crap. If you don’t, you shouldn’t be shopping there.

That being said, I’ve heard numerous stories about men and women finding true love online.  But, if that’s not your style, here are my suggestions for the best places to meet people:


The Glen Town Center
Tower Drive, Glenview (live music every Tuesday from 4-8 in the summer)

Vibe at 1935
Highland Park

Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant

Highland Park

Ravinia Festival
Highland Park

Caribou Coffee

And, I believe the very best way to meet someone is through word of mouth.  Ask every person you know (married or single) if they know of anyone single that you might like.  Ask your friends, ask their husbands, ask your hair stylist, ask your mailman, ask people at your gym, ask your Starbucks barista! No one will think you’re desperate. You know why? Because chances are, they’re looking to meet someone, too.  And if they’re not, at some point in their lives they probably were.