Partner Spotlight: A Good Bra Changes Everything and Chantilly Lace is Here to Help

Partner Spotlight: A Good Bra Changes Everything and Chantilly Lace is Here to Help

If you’re like most of us, you’ve often found bra shopping to be confusing, and even downright anxiety-inducing. Fortunately, the right boutique can make all the difference.

Chantilly Lace knows that “the right lingerie and sleepwear change not only your look, but your outlook.” Nestled in Plaza Del Lago, one of the country’s oldest shopping centers, the Chantilly Lace team provides a personal and welcoming experience for their clients, where customers of all sizes feel welcome.

The boutique offers a unique international selection of lingerie, sleepwear, and swimwear, including Simone PereleChantelle, Marie JoPrimaDonna, and more.

Meet Chantilly Lace Owner Larisa Olson to learn more about the heart and soul of the beloved neighborhood boutique:

Chantilly Lace: Bella, Larisa, Erika
The Chantilly Lace trio (L to R): Bella, Larisa, and Erika

Make It Better: Briefly describe your business philosophy.

Larisa Olson: We know how uncomfortable it can be buying bras and feeling “weird” about your body. We never want anyone to have to apologize for being unique. That’s why we carry an extensive range of sizes from 30A to 44H. We believe that the right fit will change your look, and your outlook.

chantilly lace: marie jo

Which product (or service) that you offer is your favorite, and why?

We really love selling high-quality, comfortable bras that are also a little charming. That’s why we love the Marie Jo “dot strap,” and so do our customers. They’re cute and they last forever.

Tell us about how your business gives back to the community and which organizations or initiatives you’re most passionate about supporting. Why is that important to your organization?

We have donated furniture to Humble Design, interior decorators that furnish apartments for the homeless; bras to Free The Girls, in which the bras are sent to women in Uganda; YWCA Evanston/North Shore women’s shelters; and most recently we’ve begun working with Dress for Success.

How has your business adapted to support the demands of consumers for more sustainable and socially responsible products and services?

We’ve brought in a line of underwear and camis from Italy that’s a sustainably produced model. It’s called Tramonte and it’s so soft; our customers love it!

We believe that we’re all better together. Tell us which businesses or individuals in the community you love to work with and support.

We donate gift certificates to the District 39 fundraisers, and to most of the local schools.