A Girly Place to Explore Sex Toys, Lingerie & Other Hot Stuff

Want to plan a romantic evening for your husband or spice up your sex life a bit but are stumped for ideas?

Check out G Boutique in Bucktown. This sexy shop, designed just for women, provides information and products intended to appeal to the female appetite.

“We create an atmosphere where women feel comfortable,” Co-owner Cheryl Sloane says. “We consider ourselves a resource for women who want to explore and enhance their sex lives and don’t know where to go.”

Many women don’t think of sex shops as places where they’d feel at ease. The last one I visited (back in college) had a distinctly male vibe—garish, overt, and aggressive. My girlfriends and I nervously scanned the walls of vinyl panties, hardware and big phallic devices then skedaddled back to the feminine safety of our sorority house.

The G Boutique is completely different. It feels like entering a funky, kicked back antique shop or boudoir. There are racks of beautiful lingerie, overstuffed chairs for leafing through erotic books, and shelves of candles and oils.

It’s not that they’re hiding anything. There’s a vintage armoire with rows of colorful dildos and vibrators and a prominent display of lubricants right in the middle of the room. It’s just that the shop feels cozy and intimate and pretty. It’s a place you’d like to hang out for a while.

The three owners of G Boutique are all mothers (one is a grandmother) and they cater to all types of women—from the sensually savvy to sex-toy newbies.

“Much of our clientele have never bought a vibrator before,” says Cheryl, who went on to show me some of their most popular rechargeable items, discussing their various uses and benefits as naturally as if sharing a recipe for a good meatloaf.  I was surprised by how compact and well, cute, the products were. There’s been some innovation in this category since my college days.

For long-term couples whose sex lives have gone a bit stale, Cheryl urges women, “Try one little thing that may create change. It will enhance all parts of your relationship. If you lose intimacy in the bedroom you lose a big part of your relationship. A lot of stuff gets solved during sex. So let go and give something new a try.”

Here’s what Cheryl considers some fun items for starters:

“Get something sexy to wear, something that makes you feel sexy,” recommends Cheryl.  Whatever garment you select, make sure it fits you properly and most important, is comfortable. Uncomfortable is not hot.



If Cheryl could recommend a single product it would be a high quality lubricant—it makes everything feel better. “Lube makes great sex greater sex,” she says.



This U-shaped device is meant for use during sex with a partner; something you’ll both have fun with at the same time.




Massage candle
These candles do double duty when it comes to getting in the mood. Their glow creates atmosphere, and the wax melts into a sensuous massage oil that can be poured right on the skin.




There are a wide variety of quiet little massagers available with settings designed to please a woman in multiple ways. The one pictured, the Lelo Siri, is small enough to fit in your pocket.