Stylish Sunglasses to Take You From Summer to Fall

Sunglasses are a staple, no matter the season. We wear them not only for the glamour and style (see fashion icons Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly), but we also wear sunglasses for our comfort and our health. Medical experts say whenever you are out in the sun you should be wearing sunglasses because UV radiation can damage your eyes just like it damages your skin. Experts say effects of too much UV radiation can lead to cataracts, cornea burns and even cancer of the eyelid…ouch!

We support good eye health and we also support a healthy fashion sense.

Here are five fun and flattering pairs of shades that will keep your eyes cool and keep you stylish from the end of summer through the Fall.

1. Leisure Society

Oxley, $970, Optique, 847-446-3917


2. Seraphin

Arden, $290, Spex Optical Winnetka, 847-999-0234


3. Tom Ford

Karmen, $400, Spex Optical Winnetka, 847-999-0234


4. Matsuda

$650, Optique, 847-446-3917


5. OGI

8067, $250, Spex Optical Winnetka, 847-999-0234


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