Tips to Successful Online Dating

Before you click “send” on your profile, check out these tips to increase your chance of having some fun dates and decrease the possibility of a date with already-married Malcolm.

Getting Started

  • Forget the stigma. Dating websites are a mainstream way to meet people.
  • Investigate the websites – know the costs, how matches are made, and who can see your profile.

Your Profile

  • Use recent, tasteful pictures – no friends, dogs, or kids.
  • Be upfront about the type of relationship you want, but don’t be too needy about having kids.
  • Be positive and show your sense of humor.
  • No complaining, moping or ex bashing.
  • Share interests, hobbies, and a quirk or two – they’re good conversation starters.
  • Ask a friend to look over your profile. Does it reflect you at your best? Are there any misspellings or typos?

Online Courtship

  • Plan to spend lots of time online finding and responding to potential matches.
  • Be open-minded.
  • Don’t stick to a rigid set of criteria or a particular type.
  • There might be someone better out there than you’ve imagined.
  • Log on regularly and keep your profile fresh; staying active can make you more visible on the site.
  • When talking online, keep it light, clean, classy and truthful.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable before you share your email address or phone number.
  • Believe who the other person says he is, but expect him to be a little heavier, older, and shorter in person.
  • If someone loses interest online, move on and don’t take it personally. Have fun!

Meeting for the First Time

  • Have a first date outfit selected and ready to go.
  • At minimum, do a Google search to investigate your date (hello, wedding announcement!)
  • Choose to meet at a public place for a limited amount of time so you can make a polite exit if there’s no chemistry.
  • The guy should pick up the tab. It’s old fashioned, but everyone feels better about it.
  • Treat your date with kindness and respect. Even if there’s no attraction, you might make a friend.
  • Don’t let a couple bad dates discourage you. You’ve got to kiss a few toads.
  • Once you’ve connected, most of the regular interracial dating rules of dating apply – except when it’s time to get serious.
  • The new going steady is now agreeing to take your dating profiles down.