Water Bottle Reviews: BPA-Free and Dishwasher Safe

Want one easy thing you can do this Earth Day to make an environmental difference locally and worldwide?

Stop buying throw away, one-use plastic water bottles and start using a reusable bottle. Estimates range from 30 to 50 billion disposable water bottles are used in the U.S. each year and less than 20% are recycled.

Wilmette Junior High School went bottle free in April. Check out this cool sculpture made from just 3 days worth of bottles thrown out in their cafeteria.

These reusable water bottles are all BPA free, dishwasher safe and either kid cool or adult sophisticated.

What We Love:

  • Chic design; love the taste of drinking water from glass
  • Bkr will replace if you accidentally break the glass water bottle
  • Silicone sleeve is dishwasher safe (top-rack)

A Little Less Thrilled With:

  • Difficult to clean because of small opening

Cost: $28
Available online at mybkr.com and soon at select retailers

What We Love:

  • Gorgeous design, easy to drink out of the top
  • Pretty for sitting on a desk (and stays sealed so it won’t spill on your computer!)

A Little Less Thrilled With:

  • Chipped the glass just putting the lid back on it
  • Doesn’t hold enough water
  • Didn’t fit in my car’s cup holder
  • Too tippy and fragile for kids

Cost: $25
Available online at riveusa.com

Sip N’ Go
What We Love:

  • It folds up so you can stick it in your purse when you’ve finished all the water.
  • There’s a carabiner clip so you can attach it to a backpack or the strap of your bag.
  • Easy to clean (just put it in the top rack of the dishwasher).
  • Has a good, tight seal on top.
  • Has space for writing your name in permanent marker (great for kids!)

A Little Less Thrilled With:

  • Nothing

Cost: $8
Available online at buysipngo.com

What We Love:

  • Drinks stay ice cold or piping hot for hours. Coffee I got in the morning was still hot—not warm, but hot—after lunch. The double layer of aluminum means the bottle itself isn’t hot or cold to the touch.
  • An elegant, streamlined design in a pretty, dusty color wins it points in the looks category, but it’s also quite tough—after dropping it repeatedly throughout the day (on purpose, of course, for test purposes), there were a few dings in the paint but no serious damage or spillage.
  • S’Well donates 10% of profits to WaterAid to improve access to clean water in impoverished areas.

A Little Less Thrilled With:

  • The insulation works almost too well—even leaving the top off the bottle, tea was still too hot to drink 20 minutes after making it.
  • There’s no clip or handle on the bottle, so carrying it can be difficult, especially if you’ve got your hands full. It’s a little heavier than some water bottles, so I wouldn’t recommend it for sport use.
  • A narrow neck makes it a little more difficult to clean.

Cost: $35
Available at: store.swellbottle.com/

What We Love:

  • Portability—small enough to fit in a purse even when full
  • Freezable
  • Can write your kid’s name on it

A Little Less Thrilled With:

  • Hard to fill
  • Hard to open/close lid

Cost: ($10 for .5 liter/$16 for 2-pack .4 liter)
Available at vapur.us and lots of local retailers.