Winter Makeup Trends from Red Door Spas

Stay on trend with these great makeup tips from Red Door Spas.

1. Winter must have colors.

Rich reds, golds, deep blues and hues of shell, lead the way to creating your ultimate cold weather look. Amplify cheeks with an array of colors such as dusty henna and pink rose. Don’t forget to accent those cheeks with sparkling sand shimmer. Finish off your fall look with our moisturizing lip shades mixed with mesmerizing golden and rose-gold lip-gloss which will compliment your fierce winter wardrobe.

2. Let skin radiate.

Foundation for your skin should be creamy, light and hydrating. These three elements will provide you with a flawless finished look. Seasons change and so should your foundation three times a year: summer to fall, winter to spring, and spring to summer.

3. Soothe skin.

Rosacea conditions can pop up after all that sun glow and tanning starts to fade. To help alleviate those itchy red bumps try products for sensitive skin that offer a Blue based concentrate to target redness to soothe and calm the skin.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa