Winter Skin Tips from Red Door Salon & Spa

Locking moisture into our skin during the holiday & winter months can be tough.


And even though it’s cold and gloomy out, we should still keep our skin healthy and looking its best, especially during the holidays. These simple tips from our Chief Creative Director, Cornelia Zicu can help:

Moisturize and Exfoiliate
During the winter, use a lighter moisturizer during the day and one that’s heavier at night. Exfoliate only once a week. Too much will only dry and aggravate your skin.

Drink Your 8 Glasses
The holidays are hectic! Stress is high with crowded stores, heavy clothing, snow and ice! All these stressors make us sweat! Be sure to drink plenty of water so your skin and body stay hydrated.

Turn Down the Heat
It may be cold out, but hot showers and baths only dry out your skin. Turning the temp down is a good idea.

Wear SPF
Even with the rain, sleet and snow the sun is still present. Just because it’s chilly out don’t forget to apply a daily SPF 15 or higher.

Treat Yourself
After all the holidays are about giving. Treat your skin to our Phyto Organic Rescue Facial that is organically derived and has an eye-rescue treatment that refreshes naturally and safely.  Its same-day-results leave your skin radiant just in time for any holiday party!

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