Meal Delivery Services: Cost and Convenience

How many times have you tossed a bunch of rotten asparagus because you never got around to cooking that risotto?

How much money do you really spend on takeout every month because you’re just too tired to cook after work? Could you put the hour you spend preparing dinner every night to better use by putting extra time in at the office to get that promotion, helping your kids with homework or hitting the gym?

When you consider the true cost of putting food on the table night after night, a meal delivery service could make sense for both your pocketbook and your packed schedule. These services are designed to suit a variety of lifestyles. 

If you want to lose weight, try The Fresh Diet. No need to count calories or measure portions with this program. You get three pre-portioned meals and two snacks per day for a total of 1,200 to 1,400 calories for women. Food like steak tacos and multi-grain strawberry pancakes is delivered fresh in a cooler bag. The cost for 31 days of food is $1,239.69.

If you eat a Paleo diet, try CJK Foods. For $60-75 a week, Chicago Chef Josh Katt will cook you five protein- and veggie-centered meals, like chicken fajitas or curry shrimp. Delivery to the North Shore is $10 per week.

If you enjoy cooking but not the prep work, try Meez Meals. Get a cooler box each Monday full of fresh ingredients for five meals. You follow enclosed recipes to cook the meals at home. Prep work like chopping onions is already done to cut down on kitchen time. Ingredients for five meals for four people costs $110.

If you’re very active, try Factor 75. Fitness buffs will have more time for exercise with this service, which delivers meals that are packed with nutrients and designed to enhance performance. Meals like “detox” chicken salad and pasta-free butternut squash lasagna are delivered fresh in a cooler bag. Medium-portion meals are $10.95 each, and the minimum order for new customers is three meals.

If you’re a foodie, try Green Gourmet Chicago. Pain perdu with banana compote, prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe, apricot-stuffed pork tenderloin and almond butter brownies are a few of the meals and snacks you can choose from with this service. A variety of different programs are available and food is delivered fresh every day before 5 a.m. A five-day delivery of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks each day costs $249.75 plus tax. 


Photo courtesy of Meez Meals