Amazing Seniors: Sharon J. King

Sharon J. King is the head of membership for the Glencoe Women’s Library Club, which raises money to distribute to different area philanthropies, including hospitals and Glencoe Youth Services. But her service hardly ends there.

“If something’s happening, Sharon is in the middle of it,” says Club President Peg Malloy.

King is so in the middle of things, that North Shore Senior Center recognized her outstanding contributions by choosing her for its Super Senior Award. When she’s not busy with the Library Club, King donates much of her time to the Glen Cote Thrift Shop, the Women’s Club’s primary fundraiser. In addition to designing the window displays for the store’s giant window, she assembles, directs and participates in the thrift shop’s annual fashion show. She can also often be found behind the microphone as master of ceremonies for many of the Women’s Club’s events.

“I just enjoy volunteering,” King says. “Keeping busy, helping others, meeting people. I just love it.”

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