Better Makers: Bikram Yoga North Shore Feeds the World

On Nov. 22, 41 adults participated in a 90 minute beginners Bikram yoga class at Bikram Yoga North Shore in Glenview. The event was part of the Feed The World Yoga Tour, which is a global movement to improve the lives of “all children in the world such that starvation and malnutrition are no longer a tolerated reality.” Since the tour’s inception, they have been able to raise $14,445 including the funds that were raised at the North Shore event, which made it possible for 13 children to be fed for a year.

A highlight of the event included 15 children of the participating adults hosting a juice stand for the ‘yogis and yoginis’ to have after the class while creating a mural with messages like ‘I love the world!’ and ‘Yoga Loves You!’

Bikram Yoga North Shore
BYNS teacher Emily Shebert’s kids, Brooklyn and Braden, at the juice stand they tended to, selling their mom’s homemade super healthy juice to adult yogis post class, with all proceeds going toward the cause.
Bikram Yoga North Shore
Yogis who participated in the class, in savasana, taking a moment to send love out to our children globally that the Feed The World Yoga Tour helps.
Bikram Yoga North Shore Feed The World
Holly McGregor (Co-Owner of BYNS), Rachel Kuhn (Founder of the Feed The World Yoga Tour), and Heidi Bernover (Co-Owner of BYNS)