Quick and Easy: Highland Park Teen Creates Snow Shoveling Service

snow-shovelingChicago snowstorms are notoriously brutal, and we have all clocked in hours of grueling shoveling just to see our sidewalks.


But this task is particularly challenging for those who, for a number of circumstances, cannot do the job themselves.

Highland Park teen Alex Gordon has thought of a way to turn this dreadful, and sometimes even impossible, experience into a positive community-building one. Inspired by the needs of some in his community, Alex recently founded the Highland Park Volunteer Snow Shoveling Program. With the help of the City of Highland Park, the Highland Park Volunteer Snow Shoveling Program pairs volunteer snow shovelers with those who qualify for snow removal assistance.

Make this winter a more bearable one by joining the Highland Park Volunteer Snow Shoveling Program volunteer team or by taking advantage of this wonderful service for yourself.

If you would like to volunteer, contact:
Alex Gordon
[email protected]

If you or someone you know would benefit from this service, contact:
Don Miner, Manager of Youth and Senior Services for the City of Highland Park
[email protected]