User Submission: Saving Tiny Hearts Society

I would like to bring to your attention the story of Francie and Brian Paul, and the Saving Tiny Hearts Society.

They are two amazing people who have worked tirelessly to help fund much needed research for children’s congenital heart defects. They got involved in the cause in 2005, when their son Joshua was born.

With no problems leading up to his birth, they had no reason to believe their baby was anything but healthy. It was only after he was born, with breathing labored and color turning to blue, that he was rushed to a nearby children’s hospital with cardiac problems.

They were thrown very quickly into a whole new world. Their precious little boy underwent his first open heart surgery only a few days later. This little boy is like many others with congenital heart defects, in that his problem currently cannot be completely repaired. It can be patched, as it has in his two later surgeries.

Not ones to sit back and wait, Francie and Brian Paul decided to help make a difference for their son as well as the many other children like him by establishing an organization to help fund life saving research.

Since 2006, the Saving tiny Hearts Society has been working to fulfill its mission of raising money for grossly under-funded, crucial, lifesaving research of congenital heart defects (CHD), America’s #1 birth defect. They struggle everyday as they try to help the over 40,000 babies born with a CHD every year.

At the pinnacle of new breakthroughs in congenital heart defect research, Francie and Brian Paul can really make a difference in the future lives of all of these children. The Saving Tiny Hearts Society is the only organization in the country that was formed for the sole purpose of raising funds for congenital heart defect research with 100% of general donations going directly to funding this research.

There are no paid employees and it is run entirely by dedicated volunteers. Furthermore, the organization’s overhead costs are fully funded by their Board of Directors and directed donations. To date, the Saving Tiny Hearts Society has raised in excess of $300,000, and funded several important research projects.

In only a couple of years, these two amazing people have already helped so many people. The research projects they are pushing so hard and sacrificing so much to fund have the potential to make a difference in the lives of many, many children.

Francie and Brian Paul are definitely people you should know!! Check out the Saving Tiny Hearts website for more specific information about the organization as well as their story.