5 Fashion Tips to Always Be In Style

Women with a confident sense of style inspire envy in the rest of us. But it’s not as hard as you might think to look pulled together no matter what the occasion.

Here are 5 rules that fashionable dressers adhere to, whether they’re going to their kid’s soccer game or a downtown soiree.

1. Always consider your hair first.

A good hair stylist is worth their weight in gold, and stylish women know this. They start with their hairstyle, and only when that’s taken care of to their satisfaction will they turn their attention to clothing. A great haircut that suits you to a T is the building block of a signature style.

2. Don’t skimp on grooming.

Facials, waxes, manicures and pedicures are on the stylish woman’s calendar in a regular rotation. Unkempt, ragged nails are never in style, and the stylish woman is willing to invest in caring for her skin.

5-fashion-tips-rachel-bilson3. Wear clothing that skims your body.

You will never catch a stylish woman wearing clingy trousers that are so tight they create a visible panty line, or a button-down shirt that pulls across the chest. Stylish women know that clothing size labels don’t matter. What does matter is fit, and stylish women make sure their clothes hang just right. (Ask her for her tailor’s name. We guarantee she’s on a first-name basis with him or her.)

4. Pay attention to pant length.

Flood pants are the kiss of death, style-wise. Stylish women buy two pairs of jeans at a time and have one pair hemmed for heels and the other for flats to ensure perfect length. They make sure their trousers and bootcut jeans skim the ground, because longer pants lengths are more elegant.

5. Ask yourself, “Do I look like a grown-up in this outfit?”

Age-appropriate dressing does not come with a formula—it’s a subjective thing, and stylish women recognize this. As they enter their late 30s and early 40s, stylish women want to look like grown-ups, while also being on trend. They recognize that getting older doesn’t mean ignoring style or becoming frumpy. Many trends can work for fashionable women, because they know it’s how they wear an item that makes the difference.

Wear the slouchy silk track pants that are all the rage this spring! Pair them with a sophisticated silk tank, a blazer and oxfords.


Photo: Rachel Bilson by Bigstock