5 Minute Face with 5 Products in 5 steps

For those of you who skip makeup because you don’t have time, give yourself just 5 minutes in the morning to look made up, but not done up!


Moisturizing is a necessity, yet women often skip this essential step. Find a lighter moisturizer for summer and a heavier one to use in colder months. We love the tinted moisturizers from Laura Mercier, which take care of hydrating and sun protection while giving a bit of coverage all in one step.

200x200ConcealerAfter moisturizing lids and under eyes, hide any dark circles and puffy skin by gently pressing concealer onto eyelids from lash line to just under your brow, as well as under your eyes. If you decide to use eye shadow, concealer serves as a great primer and helps your shadow last. Also use concealer to cover up any blemishes. Try Cover Girl Simply Ageless.

Blush instantly adds a natural glow to your skin, brightening up your whole face. Smile so you can see exactly where to apply the blush. Then lightly brush the color onto the apples of your cheeks. Try a soft pressed powder blush like the ones by Nars.

A few swipes of mascara open up your eyes. For added drama (and if you have a few extra seconds), curl your lashes for even greater lash length. Black mascara works no matter what your coloring is. Try Dior Show.

To finish the look, apply color to your lips. For a fuller pout, add gloss. Bobbi Brown sells an excellent, creamy pot rouge for lips and cheeks. A two-in-one product makes getting ready even easier and it’s one less item to carry in your purse.