7 Hair Trends We’re Loving for Fall 2019

As the seasons change, I have a small ritual that I always look forward to: I change out my capsule wardrobe, set goals for the next few months, and take some time for self-care. This autumn, my ritual is no different, but I am emphasizing the self-care aspect with the upcoming cozy season (my favorite, hands down). This includes changing up my hair routine and giving my strands some attention, especially after the busy summer season.

I met with Andreas Hogue, owner of the Andreas Hogue Salons in Vernon Hills and Northbrook, to talk what’s in for fall when it comes to hair trends. As a Best of 2019 Beauty Winner for five straight years, I knew he would have the scoop. Here are seven hair trends that are low-maintenance, fun, all-natural, and scream fall.


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Lobs and Layers

The cool-girl lob is back again, with a twist. The style angles the longest part of your hair to the front and this year the style is around the shoulder.

If you are over lobs, shaggier cuts with obvious layers are making a comeback. This includes heavy and visible layers. Think Stevie Nicks circa the 1970s.


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Fringe is in again, according to Hogue — and my Instagram feed. Curtain fringe, to be specific (and yes, says Hogue, it is called fringe, not bangs). Curtain fringe basically means side-swept bangs that are parted in the middle, so it is an easy style to try out if you are scared to wear a heavier fringe.

I have been growing out my hair this year, so I opted to change up my look with some fringe, which I love (it also hides my eyebrows, which are currently in Brow Rehab). Hogue used a razor to cut — another technique that is making a comeback.


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Pumpkin Spice Color 

If you are looking for some fun with color this fall, it’s all about warmth with reds and less-ashy tones. Bold colors like violet and green are still in demand, but clients are looking for a less-harsh way of achieving it with all-natural color. Hogue uses a line that is clean henna and not metallic based.

Low-Maintenance Blending 

Balayage, the art of blending color versus applying heavier highlights, isn’t going anywhere, Hogue noted. However, clients are starting to bore of the dark root shadow trend and are bringing the lightness of the balayage up to the crown and root more. He achieves this by painting some subtle highlights around the root, which changes up the look while still allowing clients to go long periods in between coloring sessions. Balayage is all about the low-maintenance look, which I am a huge fan of. You can also easily book a root touch-up with this technique.


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Accessories Your Childhood Would Be Proud Of 

You may have noticed the flood of tie-dye this summer, so it is no surprise that other trends from the ‘90s are back. This includes hair accessories like scrunchies, hair pins, ribbons, and headbands. Most of these are better versions of what we have seen before, like my new favorite hair tie, Teleties, which I already had stacked on my wrist before my visit to Andreas Hogue (they sell a huge selection!). I have thick hair, and these ties hold a ponytail with no issues and don’t rip out my hair. Plus, they come in trendy fall prints like leopard.


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Barrettes, pins, and clips are another fun way to change up your style this season. From pearls to metallics to pins with your horoscope sign on it, you will be seeing them everywhere. If you went for the fringe, barrettes will also come in clutch on those days you want to wear it to the side. I’m particularly fond of these clips that stay put all day.

Hair Trends: Andreas Hogue Salon natural products
Andreas Hogue Salon’s extensive all-natural product selection. (Photo by Macaire Douglas.)

Pure Products

Hogue is a huge fan of all-natural products that contain ingredients in their pure form. For instance, if a product contains the trendy avocado oil, it is ethically sourced straight from the avocado to the bottle. That’s it — there is no other messing with it, which means good things for your hair and the environment too.

Hair R&R 

After a summer of swimming and sun, your hair deserves some rest and restoration. Hogue recommends using the WOW Dream Filter, which removes minerals and metals from your hair.

Hair Trends: Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner
Photo by Macaire Douglas.

During my visit with Hogue, he introduced me to my new favorite product, Amika’s Silken Up Dry Conditioner. I was already a fan of dry shampoo, but this was new to me. A relatively new product, dry conditioners soften and condition your hair in one spray, which is especially needed on ends that can get dry and brittle in between washings. This product is an absolute must!

Macaire Douglas lives in Chicago with her husband and two sons. She proudly supports Share Our Spare, a local nonprofit that collects goods for children in need.