The Step-by-Step Guide to a Long-Lasting Lip

With the season of love upon us, and spring just weeks away, we’ve been on the hunt for a recipe for the perfect long-lasting lip.

Makeup guru Nafissa Panahi came to the rescue with an easy set of instructions that incorporates items you should already have in your makeup bag.

Panahi has been a makeup artist at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Beauty Salon in Northbook for the past 6 years, assisting on numerous fashion shows and training with the finest in cosmetics every year in New York City. She explains that while this guide will give you a neutral-colored lip, don’t be afraid to play with bold colors too (like a bright pink or an ombré of dark color on the outside and a lighter hue in the middle).

Steps toward the Most Kissable Lips

1. Start with a lip primer to condition and soften your lips. This will minimize feathering and keep color on your lips (rather than on your teeth). The herbal antioxidant blend in Elizabeth Arden’s Lip-Fix will also moisturize and prevent those pesky lines from showing up after hours of wear. (Advanced Lip-Fix Cream, $21.50, Elizabeth Arden)



2. This is Panahi’s secret: apply a neutral lip liner all over the entire lip. This will serve as a base coat for your canvas. She suggests colors ranging from natural to cream to brown, depending on your lip tone and what color you’re going to use in step 4. (Quickliner for Lips in Neutrally, $15, Clinique)



3. Then use compact powder to set those first layers. She suggests applying a light dusting of whatever you use on your face. (Sheer Finish Pressed Powder, $36, Bobbi Brown)



4. Next, apply the lipstick of your choice. If you want to make a statement, poppy and hot pink are the trending lip colors of the year. Prefer to be subtle? Stick to a soft coral or pink. (Color Intrigue Effects Lipstick in Pink Honey Pearl, $20, Elizabeth Arden)



5. Add a bit of shimmer with a coat of lip gloss and pucker up! (Glossy Gloss in Tasty Toffee, $10, Sephora)