Cold-Weather Beauty Secrets From the Pros

As the seasons change, your beauty regimen should change too.

Your skin may crave a heavier moisturizer due to dryness from the colder temperatures. Or your makeup colors may shift from pastels and brights to jewel tones and deep berry shades. We scored some one-on-one time with industry experts to find out their best seasonal beauty tips.

Should we change our products with the change in season?

“Yes! Listen to your skin; it knows what it needs. Many people stick to the same skincare routine every day, but your skin changes daily, like the weather. It's as simple as using hydrating products when your skin is dry and oil-free products if your skin is oily.” Leah Chavie, owner of Leah Chavie Skincare Boutique 

How can you transition your skin for a new season?

“I believe in mostly staying consistent with your skincare regimen, but in the cooler months, I suggest considering more moisture in your regimen. This is because cold, dry air and the constant back and forth between different temperatures as you move from inside to outside can be dehydrating for the skin. This is a great season to bring in an extra moisturizing element to your routine, whether it’s an oil cleanser, like our new Nourishing Oil Cleanser, or a face oil, like our new Beautifying Face Oil.” Tata Harper, creator of Tata Harper Skincare 

Courtesy of Tata Harper Skincare.

“Exfoliation is key for cell turnover, but pick the right method for your skin. If you have sensitive skin, chemical peels and microdermabrasion may be too harsh. Try a gentle enzyme treatment instead. The enzymes work by breaking down dead skin cells, resulting in smoother skin. Our cranberry pomegranate enzyme treatment is perfect for maintaining glowing skin into fall.” —Leah Chavie

“Think of your skin like a grape, when it’s hydrated, its surface is plump and smooth. But when its moisture is taken away, it's a wrinkly raisin, with deep crevasses and lines. Bioelements Moisture x10instantly plumps up thirsty, crinkled up and dry skin back into that dewy, smooth and moisture-filled grape.” Teresa Stenzel, director of education for Bioelements Professional Skincare 

With the abundance of new skin-care products out there, what are the essentials you need for healthy, supple skin? 

“Let’s divide this answer into layers of the skin, since there are a lot of essentials that address the needs of the different parts of the skin. For the outer, protective layer, which is mostly dead skin, the essential thing to focus on is not stripping the barrier, so you want to cleanse with a product that doesn’t contain soaps or alcohols, which preserves deep moisture and that balanced, hydrated feeling.

“Then, for your skin’s second layer, the epidermis, you want to encourage healthy cell turnover, so products that help you get rid of dead skin and promote new cell growth are key, like enzymatic masks or beta hydroxy masks, like our Resurfacing Mask. These help keep the youthful, fresh cells in the skin up toward the surface, so you have that glow.

“Then the last layer, which is the most important one, houses all of the important things, like our natural hyaluronic acid production. The products that are essential here are high-quality moisturizers and products that repair, stimulate and strengthen collagen. Then, if you’re more mature and you’re looking to replenish that youthful cushion, you want to look for products that replenish the skin’s deepest layer of fat, which help reduce deep wrinkles and keep expression lines at bay.” —Tata Harper

What is your number one tip when it comes to taking care of your skin?

“Exfoliation! Dissolving the dry, dull surface layer of skin is essential for skin health. It not only will help your products absorb more effectively, skin will look brighter, smoother and healthier. Regular exfoliation will also help lighten discoloration over time and keep pores clear. Look for a product with smooth beads and fruit enzymes, such as the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, so you receive the benefits from both physical exfoliation and enzymatic exfoliation.” Kate Somerville, creator of Kate Somerville Skincare 

Courtesy of Kate Somerville Skincare.

What are the essentials every woman should have in her skin-care arsenal?

“An effective exfoliator, a hydrating serum containing hyaluronic acid, a moisturizer that addresses your skin concerns and a broad-spectrum sunscreen.” —Kate Somerville

If you want to update your look for fall 2014, what are some ways to do so with makeup?

“First, buy a new foundation. Visit a counter and have your foundation color tested and choose a new formula that works best for your skin. Each season your skin changes color and texture and Bobbi[Brown] says, when you have the perfect basics the rest of your makeup will look its best too. Second, have the best brows. Visit a salon to have them professionally groomed to start and then purchase the right brow products to keep them groomed and perfected. There are brow shapers, brow pencils, brow brushes with brow shadows—always make sure to choose a color that matches the brow and works with the tone of your hair. Finally, find a beautiful fall lip color. Bobbi says that changing your lip color is the quickest and simplest way to change your look. Try a bordeaux, port or burgundy lip color for must-have fall shades this season. Kimberly Soane, director of global artistry for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics