Tip of the Week: Put Your Child On A Path To College

Making decisions is a big part of having a family, especially when it comes to helping your children achieve their goals.

Like deciding to start reading to your children at a young age or signing them up for a sport. And when saving for your child’s college education, it’s important to decide on a plan to support their dreams.

Choosing to enroll in a College Illinois!® Prepaid Tuition Plan is a great way to make college happen for your future student. You can pick a flexible plan to purchase anywhere from 1 to 9 semesters of college at today’s contract rate, helping protect against tuition inflation. When your child learns there is a plan to pay for their tuition, they can grow up knowing their future has a clear path to college.

Give your child the power of education by enrolling them in a College Illinois! Plan. Hurry, enrollment ends April 30th. Start your prepaid tuition plan online today.

College Illinois! Prepaid Tuition Program 

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