Best North Shore Restaurants for Families

These last weeks of summer have lots of chances to eat together with kids, grandparents and friends.

So when it’s not date night, here are our recommendations for where to go with kids in tow.

Best Place to Go With a Group:
Village Tavern

Long Grove
This family-owned restaurant has been in operation since 1849. Housed in a classic roadhouse with a spacious dining room and old fashioned bar, you’ll feel right at home and so will your kids.
Don’t Miss: Friday’s all you can eat fish fry with live entertainment from pianist Roger Pauly. Kids can bop on stage to Pauly’s tunes, which always includes a rousing rendition of the Chicken Dance.

Yummiest Place to Make a Mess:
Little Ricky’s
Family style BBQ, hearty portions, and vegetarian options are perfect for families who love to make a mess. The restaurant also delivers to nearby suburbs, which is great on those nights when you don’t want to take the little ones out.

Don’t Miss: BBQ chicken and sweet potato fries.  Be sure to ask for extra sauce for dipping!

Best Place for Special Occasions:
Tsukasa of Tokyo
Vernon Hills
Delicious Japanese fare made right your table. Specializes in Teppan Yaki (“Hot Steel”) cooking complete with spinning knives, fire and egg acrobatics!

Don’t Miss: Hibachi Sirloin Steak

Best Take Out:
Highland Park
More than just a hot dog stand, Michael’s is an institution. With an extensive menu that includes everything from hot dogs to buffalo burgers to pasta and salad, Michael’s is the perfect place to satisfy a family’s diverse tastes.

Don’t miss: Char dog, cheddar fries, and teriyaki chicken potato.


Best Dine-In Pizza Place:
My Pie
Crayons and cute placemats are great for keeping kids busy, but My Pie takes entertainment to a new level with their make-your-own pizza entrees. The meal includes an 8” pizza crust, cheese, pizza sauce and pepperoni (optional), which the kids assemble at the table. If only cooking was this much fun everyday of the week!

Don’t miss: Kids’ make-your-own-pizza and the Kids’ make-your-own-pizza deluxe, which includes ice cream and a beverage.

Best Ice Cream: Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Coolest (and Creamiest, Sweetest and most Delicious) of them All?

In the land of…Wilmette
Famous for: Making delicious super premium ice cream since 1932.
Royal Treat:  Chocolate, Peppermint Stick, and Fresh Peach
Good or Evil?  GREAT!  Even Al Capone loved Homer’s and he was known to be one of their most frequent customers.


Dairy Bar
In the land of…Glenview
Famous for: Soft Serve Ice Cream with a large selection of dipping flavors and toppings.
Magic Spell:  Vanilla soft serve, hand-dipped in chocolate
Enchanting Feature: It’s become a tradition for kids to camp out the night before the Dairy Bar opens for the season to ensure they get their first taste of summer.

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