25-Minute Meal: Tapenade-Dijon Salmon

Yes, twenty-five minutes from start to finish. It’s not impossible.

The trick is to preheat the broiler and get the rice pilaf (I like the Trader Joe’s brand; it has much less sodium than most others) cooking on the stove before starting the rest of the meal, and then it all falls into place.

And it’s a healthy, colorful meal, too. Fresh salmon, loaded with Omega-3, coated with umami-packed tapenade and Dijon mustard, is broiled and set atop a lemony bed of arugula and topped with juicy, marinated tomatoes. Rice pilaf completes the meal. Quick and so easy!

Tapenade-Dijon Salmon with Arugula and Marinated Tomatoes
Serves 4

  • 1 box rice pilaf mix (try Casbah, Near East or Trader Joe’s brand)
  • 4 six-ounce portions salmon filet, skin off
  • Kosher or sea salt and freshly-ground pepper
  • ¼ cup ready-made olive tapenade
  • 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
  • 6 Campari tomatoes (available at Whole Foods) or 24 cherry tomatoes
  • 2 scallions, trimmed and chopped
  • 2 tablespoons chopped Italian parsley
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • 1 clamshell container pre-washed arugula
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 2 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Preheat broiler to high. Prepare rice pilaf according to package directions. Once it is simmering, start the rest of the meal.

Set salmon filets, skin-side down, on a pan lined with tin foil; season lightly with salt and pepper.  In small bowl, combine tapenade and mustard. Divide evenly between salmon filets and spread on top of each. Set aside.

Halve cherry tomatoes or quarter Campari tomatoes. Place in a bowl with scallions and parsley; drizzle with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and season with salt and pepper. Combine and set aside.

In a medium bowl, toss arugula with lemon juice, Parmesan and 2 tablespoons olive oil. Divide among four serving plates.

Broil salmon until just cooked through, about 6 minutes. Set atop arugula. Top with tomato mixture. Add a serving of rice pilaf to the plate, and voila! Dinner in 25 minutes.

Shopping List:
1 box rice pilaf mix
4 six-ounce skinless salmon filets
Small container of olive tapenade
Container of cherry or Campari tomatoes
Italian parsley
Container of pre-washed arugula (clamshell or bag)
1 lemon
Wedge of fresh Parmesan cheese

Pantry Staples:
Kosher salt
Dijon mustard
Extra-virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

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