Winners: Small, Large and Galley Style Kitchens

Thank you to everyone—professional and home owner—who sent in pictures of their small, large and galley style kitchens.

Our judges had a tough time deciding among all the beautifully designed and decorated kitchens, but here are our winners with our judges’ comments.

Winner of Large Kitchen: Granite Transformations

“The white country kitchen (above) with the red toile shades submitted by Country Kitchens. The space pulls off a tough balancing act by combining contemporary and country elements without feeling like a theme kitchen. The key to their success is the mix of fabrics, accessories and a combination of finishes, which are at once upscale (the stove and counter top material) and rustic (the interesting floor and ceiling).”

“What I love about this kitchen is that it’s not the obvious choice. It’s not loaded with stainless steel, granite off the wazoo and doesn’t exclaim a sterile image that some of the modern kitchens are these days – it tells you: someone bakes cookies here, heats up hot water and goes to the farmer’s market! It’s charming with personal attention. I’m drawn to spaces that aren’t situated for just one purpose, I like the added seating for chatting and the display of found objects over the stovetop.”

Winner of Galley Style Kitchen: Dream Kitchens

“This layout is wonderful – everything is at your fingertips.”

Winner of Small Kitchen: Liz and Thom Karle, Northbrook

“A perfect example of how to transform a galley kitchen: The white cabinetry and the addition of the bar make the kitchen feel anything but constricted. In a galley, less can be more.”

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