The Modern Home

The North Shore has an abundance of historic residential architecture on our tree-lined streets.

Homes designed by  famous Chicago architects such as David Adler and Frank Lloyd Wright have copper gutters, crown moldings, gorgeous entrance halls and leaded glass windows—it’s no surprise these older homes are very popular.

Although many appreciate the merits of historic homes, there’s an overlooked style nestled in between all the Colonials and Tudor revivals: Chicago’s modern masterpieces.   The North Shore has a number of 21st century designed homes. In lieu of parquet floors and paneled walls, you find simplicity in design, a focus on functionality and a creative use of contemporary materials.

Two fantastic modern homes can be found in Winnetka and Glencoe. Renowned architect and fellow of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) David Hovey and his wife, Eileen, live in a modern dwelling of glass and steel in the Winnetka ravines off Sheridan Road.  David was the architect for the one-of-a-kind lakefront home.

In Glencoe, there is stunning modern home on a quiet street located near the Forest Preserve on Sunset Lane. Gerald and Kimberly Ricaurte live in this house which reflects a modern architectural aesthetic.  Floor to ceiling windows take advantage of the park-like grounds; even the garage door is made out of glass. An open floor plan and a simple design with a focus on high-end European materials, makes the home all the more alluring.

Both of these homes have big windows, simple design, a lack of fussy details, paired down ornamentation, modern materials, and a helpful lack of regard for history. Throw in a little technological gadgetry and you have stumbled upon two homes that are truly emblematic of modern design. Although the North Shore is not the Hollywood Hills, we can still add some contemporary creative juices to the mix.

About the author: Lifelong North Shore resident Danielle Dale graduated from New Trier and the University of Rochester with a B.A. in Philosophy in ’98.  A passion for interior design, architecture and real estate, are the primary sources of inspiration for her writing.  If you know of an architectural style you would like to read more about in Make It Better, please email Danielle at

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