Better Is Here: Live, Love, Work and Play With Greater Purpose

It’s hard to believe that we launched our helpful “little” North Shore website 12 years ago with a mission to be “the most trusted, easiest-to-use community resource” way back on May 1, 2007. We never anticipated that it would grow to be a multi-platform media company with print magazines, events, awards, a foundation, and a message to extend throughout Chicago and beyond. But it did!

As we grew, the world evolved. Ease, trust, and simplicity have become even more essential to living our best lives; we turn to online resources constantly. Time is of the essence. As such, our publication and brand are evolving, too. Twelve years later, Make It Better has become simply … Better.

Our mission and purpose haven’t changed. We’re here to help everyone live, love, work, and play with greater purpose.

We will still serve the same demographic — which now includes readers, advertisers, and other community organizations in Chicagoland and the San Francisco Bay Area — with an even more vibrant digital ecosystem. We will continue to create powerful virtuous circles that amplify and support the best in your community, but we will be doing this with an even more powerful and engaging website, and with less emphasis on print. We know that it will be, in every sense of the word, a “Better” experience for our valued readers.

So Better continues to grow and evolve, offering enhanced content to bring you better connections, better experiences, and a better quality of life for you and those you love. We’re strengthening our unique ability to connect and help you. We’re more deeply committed than ever to supporting and impacting community, sustainability, wellness, education, arts, and family.

It has always been our dream to create, strengthen, and connect communities across the country. Our new website and brand will make this happen even faster. We’ll generate even more powerful, positive connections that inspire others to live passionately, love generously, and improve our world. And by doing so, we’ll make it easier for you and those you love to grow and thrive.

Better will always look for ways to make a difference in the world.

Better is here.

Live, love, work, and play with greater purpose.


Susan B. Noyes, Founder

Susan B. NoyesSusan B. Noyes is the Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of Make It Better Media Group, as well as the Founder of Make It Better Foundation’s Philanthropy Awards.

A mother of six, former Sidley Austin labor lawyer and U.S. Congressional Aide, passionate philanthropist, and intuitive connector, she has served on boards for the Poetry Foundation, Harvard University Graduate School of Education Visiting Committee, American Red Cross, Lurie Children’s Hospital, Annenberg Challenge, Chicago Public Education Fund, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, New Trier High School District 203, and her beloved Kenilworth Union Church. But most of all, she enjoys writing and serving others by creating virtuous circles that amplify social impact.


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