Bike This Summer

With gas prices pushing $5, this is THE summer to embrace biking.

You’ll save money, get fit, and eliminate hassle and stress. Plus, your bike is the ultimate convertible that allows you to soak up the warm weather.

Get a Tune Up
You may need a new bike, but often a tune up will make your old wheels feel new again. A bike mechanic will clean and lubricate your components; true up your wheels; adjust your brakes, gears and derailleurs; and fit your bike properly. While you are at the shop, invest in a good lock and tire pump.


Spend a few dollars on a great seat. Women-specific seats have a cutout in the right spot. A comfy seat will make your bike rides more enjoyable. Dress in breathable layers as the cool summer mornings quickly give way to the heat of the day.

Consider Groceries
Grocery shopping is delightful when you bike to the store. It’s easy to grab a few things everyday. Consider adding saddlebags or a basket to the front of your wheels or have a backpack handy for quick trips. Hit the post office and hardware store en route and get several errands done in a few minutes.

Combine Exercise, Friends and Family
Recruit a friend to ride the Green Bay Trail to the Wednesday morning Farmer’s Market in Highland Park. Fill your pack with fresh fruits and veggies, grab a breakfast crepe, and bike back home. Bike with your kids to camp or the library. Your kids will get fit, have fun adventures and amaze you with their biking abilities.

Be Safe
A newer, properly fitting helmet is a must. There are four important check points: you should be able to see the front of the helmet when you look up, the triangles on the straps should fit right under each ear, and the chin strap should be snug enough so you feel it when you open your mouth.

Follow the rules of the road and ride defensively. Choose trails over roads, but avoid sidewalks.

Ride To …
… a local concert, tennis or yoga (great warm up), a dinner party, your son’s baseball game, the train, the beach, the Chicago Botanic Garden, Ravinia, work, or around the neighborhood to see who is out.

Once you experience the freedom, ease and joy of biking, you’ll find yourself driving less and less. Smile big when you see the guy with the fancy convertible. You have the best wheels in town.

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