Local Schools Avoid Disruption From Teachers Shortage But Are Still in Need of Support, Specialized Staff

Abundant resources offer school districts in New Trier Township advantages when it comes to staffing needs. But even local schools are feeling the squeeze from the well-publicized teachers shortage. Administrators at the township’s six public school districts (New Trier High School District 203, Wilmette 39, Winnetka 36, Glencoe 35, Avoca 37 and Sunset Ridge 29) […]

Gary Sipos of College Cash Solutions Shares the Secrets to Reducing College Costs

Jessica Hamilton from Make It Better Media Group recently hosted a virtual event with nationally recognized college cost-reduction expert Gary Sipos, founder of College Cash Solutions (CCS). CCS’s financial planners, licensed counselors and experienced college negotiators specialize in minimizing out-of-pocket college expenses while maximizing the college experience. Here is a recap of Sipos’ presentation, “The […]

Philanthropy Award Winner Chicago Fire Foundation Creates Safe Space for Students to Prioritize Academics, Learn Life Skills and Play Soccer

For grade school-aged children, often the best boost to their academic and social performance is the addition of an extracurricular activity to stimulate their brain and body. Sports, for example, not only engage children physically but also encourage them to work on a number of skill sets like communication and perseverance.  The importance and real […]