From Test Prep to Summer Tutoring, Academic Approach Has the Tools to Keep Your Student Sharp

Although Academic Approach is best known for our ACT/SAT tutoring services, we are, unsurprisingly, experts in everything academic.  That includes academic tutoring to support your student with their schoolwork; helping them through a particularly tricky class; guaranteeing they’ve mastered skills that might have slipped through the cracks during COVID-impacted school years; or tacking on some […]

Carole Robertson Center for Learning to Host E3 Gala Supporting the Mission to Educate, Enrich and Empower Chicago Children and Youth

For over 45 years, the Carole Robertson Center for Learning has been committed to the development of children, youth and their families across Chicago — serving culturally, linguistically and ethnically diverse populations and reaching more than 2,500 children and families across 27 communities. In celebration of this impactful work and the people who make it […]

Lynn Cole, Executive Director of RISE International, Works to Provide Access to Education in Angola — Making Her the 2022 Red Cross Global Citizenship Hero, Sponsored by United Airlines

Executive Director of RISE International, Lynn Cole, is the 2022 Red Cross Global Citizenship Hero Award recipient. During a 1998 trip to Angola with her husband, Andrew, the Coles witnessed the devastating effect of 27 years of civil war in the country and were moved to help. They learned that the after-effects of the civil […]

A New Artificial Intelligence Tool Has the Attention of Educators, but Local Schools Want to Harness the Technology, Not Ban It

In certain circles, Chat GPT — an artificial intelligence bot — has been vilified as a harbinger of education’s doom. Some of the country’s largest school systems, including districts in New York City and Los Angeles, have blocked access to the technology out of fear it could enable widespread cheating among the students. North Shore administrators […]

Winnetka Students Have Ideas to Save the Planet

Do you feel wasteful throwing away wrapping paper? Do you despise gift wrapping, with the tape crumples and disappearing scissors? Well does Skokie School sixth-grader Jonny Ornstein have the answer for you. Introducing Vrapper, a new way to wrap using reusable fabric lined with velcro strips.  “You can unattach it and reuse it,” Ornstein explained, […]

Donate Today and Double Your Impact: SchoolsRule Equity in Education Fund in Honor of Mary Jane Burke

The SchoolsRule Equity in Education Fund was created in honor of Mary Jane Burke, who is retiring after 50 years of service in education – 28 of those as the Marin County Superintendent of Schools. Contributing to this fund will continue Mary Jane’s lifelong vision of equitable opportunities for all Marin County students, regardless of their zip code. […]