Deck the Dogs with Boughs of Holly

Want your hound to be dressed to the canines?


Would you like your kitty to be the cat’s meow?

Looking for a pet gift for the winter holidays?

Fashion for Rover and KitKat is a multimillion-dollar-a-year industry in the United States and, increasingly, we are buying coats to cover our pets’ coats and booties for their paws.

In fact, this is the midst of the pet fashion season, which began in October with spooky hound Halloween costumes, then in November outfits that could turn a dog into a turkey and, now, holiday outfits that transform a mere pup into a strapping, handsome reindeer.

Overall spending on pets is estimated to exceed $45 billion this year, according to the Greenwich, Conn.-based American Pet Products Association.

Pet duds are more than bejeweled collars and leashes for cats and dogs. But when it comes to haute couture, think dogs. Besides holiday costumes you have your choice of:

  • Crocheted trim sweaters for easy-chair pets
  • Hoodies for your teenage hound
  • Peek-a-boo heart-laced T-shirts for sexy dogs
  • Dresses for girlie dogs
  • Life jackets for dogs that can’t dog paddle
  • Bandanas for dogs that like to motorcycle or jog
  • Jewelry—but best to attach it to a bow or leash, not to the dog
  • Baseball jerseys for Sox and Cub-loving hot dogs
  • Backpacks, even, for dogs off to obedience school

The one thing you won’t need to buy for pets attending formal events: tails.

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