7 of Our Favorite Pieces of Sun-Protective Clothing for Kids

7 Pieces of Sun Protective Clothing for Kids

Every parent has been there — you apply and reapply sunscreen, only to worry about whether your child has enough protection from powerful UV rays. These concerns can be alleviated by outfitting your kiddos in one of this summer’s hottest fashion trends — sun-protective clothing.

Designers are now offering adorable yet practical fashions for kids in quality fabrics that provide substantial protection from the sun. While regular clothing only has an SPF of about 7, most pieces of sun-protective clothing offer a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor — the rating applied to sun-protective clothing) of  50. The best part: When it comes to sun-protective clothing, there’s no need to sacrifice style for functionality. Sun protective clothing is offered in some of the most desirable shapes, colors and prints for children. Summer fashion has never been so smart.

One word of caution though — even when you send your little ones out in clothing that packs some extra protection from the sun, you still need to load up their exposed parts with sunscreen. We know, it’s a pain. But if you need some extra motivation, consider that a study last year by Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center found that wearing SPF 30 sunscreen reduces your risk of developing melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, by up to 80 percent. (That goes for you too, moms. Here are some of the best makeups and moisturizers with SPF to keep you protected!)

Ready to suit up those kiddos for sun-safe summer fun? Here are some of the best sun-protective clothing items to keep them looking great in and out of the water.

Hearts Classic Swimsuit & Rash Top Set, $79, Snapper Rock

Sun Protective Clothing: Hearts Classic Swimsuit & Rash Top Set from Snapper Rock

Terry Beach Poncho, $40, UV Skinz

Sun Protective Clothing: Terry Beach Poncho from UV Skinz

Mini Toni Boatneck Dress, $54, Mott50

Sun Protective Clothing: Mini Toni Boatneck Dress from Mott50

Shark-52 Hat, $28, Wallaroo

Sun Protective Clothing: Shark-52 Hat from Wallaroo

Little Boy Long-Sleeve Rash Guard Set, $30, SwimZip

Sun Protective Clothing: Little Boy Long-Sleeve Rash Guard Set from SwimZip

Mini Jeff Athletic Play Shirt, $39, Mott50

Sun Protective Clothing: Mini Jeff Athletic Play Shirt from Mott50

Anchor Pool Boardie, $46, Snapper Rock

Sun Protective Clothing: Anchor Pool Boardie from Snapper Rock


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