Fenner Plastic Surgery Offers a New Take on Retinol

Have you written off retinol as being too harsh?


In our medical spa at Fenner Plastic Surgery we are convincing one-time retinol users to give it another chance!  In the past, aggressive retinol use would cause women give it up. However, you can enjoy the amazing anti-aging effects of this product with a few simple tips:

Check your strength
There are currently a number of different retinol formulas available now that were not offered previously. You can find retinol in department store strength, medical-grade strength and various prescription-grade strengths.  We work with patients to find the appropriate formula for their skin.

Change your timing
Once you find the correct strength, change the way you use it. We often recommend using a lower percentage of prescription retinol every other night or even every third night. This gives your skin the opportunity to build up a tolerance without having a flaky, sunburned-looking face.

Mix it up
Balance your routine with plenty of soothing anti-oxidants on the nights you are not applying the retinol. This will keep your skin looking great.

So if you thought you’d given up on retinol–don’t let it be for good. The best anti-ager around has lots of different ways to get back into your daily routine!

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