Better or Bust: Armpocket Sport i-20

Have you ever seen the T-shirt that reads, “I Hate Running. But I Love The Results”?

That’s me. It’s not that I hate running—I actually like it quite a bit. But I would never be able to tough out longer than a mile without my friend Mr. iPhone. For many, music can make the difference between 3 miles and 5. So I was eager to try out Armpocket’s latest incarnation, the Sport i-20.

The good: I tested the armband device on both indoor and outdoor runs. Without a doubt, the band stays in place, comfortably. A see-through, touch-sensitive window truly does allow you to work your iPod/iPhone/Etc. without having to remove it from the sleeve—nice when you need to answer a phone call or fast-forward through a song. It also includes an extra pocket for cash and a key, a feature my local barista appreciates since I am no longer handing her sweaty $5 bills. And if you’re finicky about style, Armpocket comes in a variety of colors.

The bad: The grip through which you slip your headphones is like a vice, making initial set up clunky at best.

The ugly: The touch sensitive window is great, but if you’re working with an iPhone, it’s not large enough to allow access to your home button. Boo!

The verdict? Overall, this product earns a mild “better” rating. If you’re planning on a long run, have your playlist set and don’t think you’ll be fussing with your device much. The comfort level is worth the purchase.

To purchase the Armpocket Sport i-20, visit

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