9 Top Health Tips for a Better 2018

Chances are you’ve resolved to be healthier this year. In 2017, “Get Healthy” was the most searched resolution, according to Google. But making healthy choices and changes is easier said than done. Need some extra help? We’ve spoken with local and national experts to get their top health tips for everything from working out at home to eating less sugar.

1. Make simple diet swaps

health tips: diet swaps

You don’t have to completely overhaul your diet to start eating healthier. Making small, simple switches can produce big-time health benefits. Registered dietitians share their 12 favorite suggestions for easy diet swaps.

2. Work out at home

The Complete Guide to Home Workouts

We asked personal trainers to share some of their best at-home workout tips and their favorite calorie-torching workouts you can do from home. Sorry to break it to you, but now you have no excuse to break your New Year’s resolution!

3. Replace bad health habits with good ones

4 Bad Health Habits You Need to Quit, and 4 Good Ones to Adopt Instead

Knowing that something is bad or good for you is one thing. Actually doing or not doing it is another. Chances are you’re aware of some bad habits you really need to kick, and some healthy ones you should finally start adopting. We’re here to tell you the time is now.

4. Eat foods that boost brain power

9 Foods That Boost Brain Power

You know carrots are great for your eyes and that milk does wonders for your bones, but what about your brain? We asked experts to dish on the best foods for our brains. Here are their nine top recommendations.

5. Add exercises to your routine that improve your balance and health

Ashlee Hoffman, Balance

Beginning around age 30, you begin to lose muscle mass, your vision may not be as sharp, and eventually your hearing will decline — factors that impact your ability to stay upright. Good balance can help you catch yourself when you slip on the ice, but may also be the skill that helps you improve your golf game, win your tennis match, or set a new personal best during a 5K.

6. Know how to live your healthiest life at every age

Great Health at Every Age: A Decade-by-Decade Guide to Living Your Healthiest Life

Getting and staying healthy should always be a priority, but you may be aware of all you could be doing to ensure that you stay on top of your health and the risks associated with aging. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so kick off 2018 with a resolution to do all you can to be your healthiest self.

7. Start your day off right with yoga

7 Yoga Poses to Start Your Day Off Right

Yoga works your entire body and demands focus, which can be both soothing and centering, as it allows you to take a break from stressing over your daily to-do list. Beginning your day with yoga is a gradual and energizing way to transition from restful sleep to your active day.

8. Relieve stress, no matter how much time you have

Stress Relief: How to Relax in 1 Minute, 1 Hour or 1 Day

Whether you have only a minute or a full day, here are some simple ways to decompress and re-center yourself so that you have renewed calm and energy to face the day.

9. Eat less sugar

Sugar: The Most Dangerous Thing You Put in Your Body?

Sugar is bad news for a healthy diet, and sometimes can be downright deadly. Here are some tips on how to reduce the added sugar in your diet to make sure you and your family are happy and healthy this year.


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