How to Design a Self-Care Routine for “The New Normal” 

Erin Clifford

With more of daily life reopening and some people returning to offices, gyms, and schools, now is a great time to consider how you can make this transition in the healthiest possible way. 

Start by checking in with your healthcare providers. A recent PatientPop survey found that more than half of respondents missed their appointments during Covid-19. Make these maintenance visits regular again by getting some appointments on the books. That includes visiting your doctors, dentists, and mental health providers, as well as scheduling vacation and/or self-care days into your calendar.

Another check-up you can do is with yourself. Pause to consider what you want your life to look like going forward. Have your experiences over the last 18 months changed your values at all? Is work-life balance more of a priority now? What about quality family time or physical fitness? Your values should determine how you design the rest of your lifestyle.

Also, consider evaluating your current diet, sleep, and fitness regimens, as well as your daily routine and stress-management practices. Do these fit with your post-pandemic value system? If not, determine what you can do to change that.

Remember, pausing to ask these questions is never being selfish with your time. When you are overworked, overstressed, and not taking care of your needs, you can’t be your best self for your clients, family, and friends. Good self-care improves both your life and the lives around you. 

Erin Clifford is a holistic wellness coach who is deeply passionate about helping professionals create healthy lifestyles for a more fulfilling, happier existence. She has trained with some of the world’s foremost experts in diet theories, nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle management.

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