Luscious Lashes

We all want ooh-la-la lashes, but the clutter of lash growth products out there can leave you wondering how they work and if they’re safe.

We investigated the top-selling lash growth products to find out whether you should give them a go or just invest in a good set of fakes.

Before trying any lash growth product, perform a skin test to ensure you’re not allergic, and steer clear of products with the ingredient prostaglandin. Contact lens wearers can use lash lengtheners; however, lenses should be removed prior to application of the medication and not reinserted for at least 15 minutes. Many lash serums can be applied to your brows as well to stimulate growth. Finally, if you’re purchasing a lash growth product online, make sure it’s from a legitimate website.

Note that if you stop using the product, your lashes will eventually revert back to their normal state, although you may be able to reduce your usage to every other day instead of daily.

Rundown: The only lash product that’s FDA approved; women noticed a change in length and thickness within 30-45 days. Dr. William Fagman, a Skokie opthamologist for over 30 years, has been prescribing Latisse since it was first introduced and recommends obtaining this product through a physician only. He notes, “While the individual patient’s response to Latisse can be somewhat variable, the great majority of patients are satisfied with the results. Patients must be free of any eyelid disease such as chronic or recurring infections or inflammations.”
Side effects: May cause dryness or hyperpigmentation of the skin around the eyes.
Prescription needed: Yes
Average cost: $120

Rundown: Called a “lash conditioner” as opposed to a growth serum; women noticed an improvement in length and thickness of their lashes in 4-8 weeks.
Side effects: Some users noted darkening along the lash line and others said their eyes were dry and itchy with use.
Prescription needed: No
Average cost: $150

Rundown: Hypo-allergenic and non-irritating; customers reported growth within 4-6 weeks. Peptides and vitamins naturally enhance your lashes and brows.
Side effects: No noted side effects.
Prescription needed: No
Average cost: $70


Fusion Beauty StimuLashFusion
Rundown: A unique blend of nourishing peptides, amino acids and botanicals lengthen your lashes. Free of parabens or artificial fragrance. Expect growth within 6-8 weeks; some users claimed their eyelashes grew longer but not thicker.
Side effects: Some consumers noted darkening along the lash line.
Prescription needed: No
Average cost: $89

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