14 Ways to Make Your First Couple’s Trip Memorable

So you’ve agreed to take your first couple’s trip. Congratulations! At a minimum, it indicates your relationship is going well, and you enjoy spending time with each other. Whatever else it means remains to be seen. At least for now, you can safely begin floating ideas about where you should go. But before you seal […]

Singles Re-Emerging from Lockdown Are Suffering from FODA — Fear of Dating Again. Here’s Why

As more and more vaccines to protect against Covid-19 become available, and state governments loosen social distancing restrictions, people, including singles, have begun re-emerging from lockdown. On April 10, the CDC reported that approximately 179 million vaccines had been administered in the U.S. While the country gradually transitions back into “normal” life, singles who’ve put their dating […]

Fifty Shades Better: Our Guide to Great Sex

After many months of quarantine, we’re betting you’ve either exhausted every ounce of creativity in the bedroom, or you’ve spent so much time with your partner that you aren’t interested in touching them with a 10-foot pole. Sound familiar? If your sex life could use a tune-up, we’ve rounded up some of our most popular […]