Spring Cleaning: Making Sense of Your Skincare Products

Spring Cleaning: Making Sense of Your Skincare Products

Streamlining your skincare products can be challenging. With new products on the market every day, it’s easy for your home routine to become overwhelming. With the big promises of new serums and creams, it’s tempting to try them out. Unfortunately, many of these products don’t deliver or may be used improperly with other products. Organizing the products you have is the first step to an effective skincare regimen.

1. Take stock of all your skincare products. Generally products expire after a year or sooner once opened. Set aside all the products you’ve had over 12 months. These can be disposed of.

2. Next, in a separate pile, add all the recently purchased products that you didn’t care for, didn’t deliver results, or irritated your skin. In some cases these can be donated. The products that are remaining may be incorporated into a new routine.

3. Upon your next visit to your skincare specialist, bring these products or a photo of them along with you. Your specialist can advise you on how to use your products properly and fill in any gaps in your routine. Give your routine at least two months before you judge the results. Sometimes your skin needs time to adjust.

4. When choosing products, consider medical-grade skincare or cosmeceuticals. These products undergo more clinical testing so they are proven effective. They often have more active ingredients and less irritants than over-the-counter products. And because they are more concentrated, you use less and purchase products less often.

5. With a successful skincare routine you’ll find you are less tempted to accumulate products. A good anti-aging routine may include an antioxidant, peptides, retinol, and a physical environmental protection (think sun block). See your medical skincare professional to design a customized routine.


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