Giving Women Their Bodies Back: Many Post-Pregnancy Pelvic Health Problems Can Be Treated in Less Than an Hour — A Top Doctor Explains

Women can experience a variety of uncomfortable pelvic issues following childbirth or as they get older. From occasional or frequent incontinence and painful intercourse to bowel issues and prolapse, these issues cause not only physical discomfort but also self-consciousness and a diminished quality of life. Many women suffer in silence with these issues. For 25 […]

Reframing our Relationship with Death: COVID-19 Gives Motivation, but No Instructions 

Just a few months ago, the world of psychological science lost a research pioneer, our esteemed colleague Dr. Roger Weissberg. Sadly, we are not alone in mourning a cherished friend, colleague, or family member as we observe the second anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Americans feel more pressure to prepare for health changes, including […]

Local Hospitals Are Not Immune to the Impact of COVID-19

The impact of Covid-19 reverberates across all businesses and aspects of life, but hospitals in particular have seen their day-to-day operations tremendously affected. “It’s been a complete disruptor,” says Dr. Richard Freeman, MD, MBA, FACS, Loyola Medicine‘s regional Chief Medical Officer. “There have been lots of things we didn’t anticipate, don’t think anyone foresaw quite […]

Meet the Newest Physician at Midwest Center for Women’s Healthcare

Midwest Center for Women’s Healthcare is pleased to introduce you to our newest physician. Dr. Melissa Keene joins our practice after spending the past 5 years on faculty at Northwestern Medicine. She received her Doctor of Medicine from Northwestern University and completed her residency training at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Dr. Keene is Board Certified in […]