Watch: Susan B. Noyes Discusses Investing Strategies on CNBC’s ‘Closing Bell’

Watch: Susan B. Noyes Discusses Investing Strategies on CNBC

Make It Better Founder Susan B. Noyes was invited to participate in CNBC’s Closing Bell Investment Club on Nov. 30. In the segment, Noyes, a retail inventor, discussed her strategies for the end of the year and into 2018.

When asked if she was selling stock in advance of a possible market pullback, Noyes said, “I haven’t, I’m waiting to see some sign that this upmarket is actually on its way back down before I sell anything.” What sign is Noyes looking for? “When I see it I’ll know. I’m an intuitive investor.”

What stock would Noyes never sell? Her list of “you have them and never let them go stocks” includes Apple, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Facebook, Microsoft and more. “I’d have to see something really crash before I let those go, I believe in the companies,” she said.

The one area Noyes is really interested in right now is impact investing. “I bought into a great fund with Morgan Stanley and I’m looking for stocks who’s values really align with mine.”

The full segment, which also includes Noyes thoughts on investing in Bitcoin, is below:


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