You Said It: Here’s What Our Readers Have Had to Say This Season

You Said It Reader Feedback

We love hearing from our readers — you’ve shared personal stories with us through comments on social media, You Said It submissions and letters to the editor. Here, a round-up of what we’ve been hearing from you lately.

After the Loss of Her Son Josh, Nancy Rothstein Continues to Share His Words for Celebrating Life

Rosann Glantz, Lake Shore Travel: “Susan I just read the article you wrote on Nancy Rothstein. It left me numb but I’m sharing with my family and friends. You can be sure I will print out the 21 ways to celebrate life and read often. As a mother and grandmother I can’t think of anything worse. I’ve often wanted to say thank you for your contribution and effort in trying to make this world a better place.”

Top Educators – Nominate a Favorite Educator

“Leave a comment or share a story about an inspiring educator and tag an education nonprofit and @betterchicago founder and education philanthropist @susanbnoyes will donate $10 to every organization tagged.”

@betsybmurphy: “A favorite teacher was Phil Seib at @smudallas whose passion about journalism and truth telling convinced me to switch from pre-med to Broadcast Journalism. Prof. Seib stressed the importance of integrity in journalism.An important education nonprofit is @rethinkingschools. Thanks for supporting them.”

@emmanoyesmaybe: “Ms. Olympia!! Wilmette Education Foundation @kendallschaffner

@31crush: “My beau. He collects “trash” at the end of the year from locker clean out at the high school. He then organizes it so then the next year students can “shop” in his classroom. The best part is because he promotes it as for the environment, no one feels bad if they are there shopping because they don’t actually have money to buy something new. It’s brilliant and I wish every knew about it. He started by buying bins with his own money! 🥰 (he is not on social media) I don’t know any nonprofits for education so I’m happy to be here and learn!”

@lovedog.lovelife: “I have had some amazing educators in the past, but one of my favorites and one I still keep in touch with (sadly not on IG) is Dr.Jones from Murray State Uni who taught various Lit classes that really inspired me to think outside the box in terms of writing, public speaking, and connecting to peers. Thank you @betterchicago and @susanbnoyes for your support – I would like to tag @astepaheadmiddletn who provides free education to evidence based education about healthy relationships, consent, and family planning to all age ranges.”

@faithfilledrisks: During my undergrad Dr. Eugene helped me to grasp engineering studies in a new and engaging way that propelled me to continue my studies. These studies have been of impact not only in the corporate world but also in my the non-profit sector. I’m encouraged to see @familyempower care and empower young students in their studies through the after school program in the neighborhood of Rogers Park. Thank you @betterchicago and @susanbnoyes for your support to care for the families in Chicago!”

@juliepilat: “My favorite teacher was Mr. McCluskey. I went to private high school and am not Catholic. We were required to take religion class and I dreaded it. Sophomore year was Morality. He made us start every class & quiz with the definition “that which is used to distinguish right from wrong in human behaviors and relationships”. We spent all year debating the worlds biggest issues and were never encouraged to automatically side with the church. @chmagnetschool who are building their Creativity Lab ❤️”

@abzy113: “Had so many great educators, but my dad’s gotta be the best out there! Mr. Csanda, retired principal in Central Illinois. Made me the arts administrator I am today! @urbangateways does such wonderful work with Teaching Artists engaging Chicago’s young people all over the city!”

@natalie_schneider: “I have had wonderful educators @uofstthomasmn and @vanderbiltu, but my favorite two have to be my parents who have been teaching in the Twin Cities for almost 30 years, and have inspired me to hopefully go into nursing education in the future! @familytreeclinic provides great sexual health care and education in Minneapolis!”

@rachemadella: “I have had many great educators all along my life from (grade-grad ) school teachers to Sunday school and youth group leaders. @familyempower is a safe place for kids where children grow and develop through a barrage of wholistic programs.”

@bhasbro: “I’ve had some great teachers, Mrs Colgate was one of my favs. She didn’t just care about our education but who we were as people. This is what @familyempower strives for as well through the after school programs and ESL, that people would develop wholistically.”

@mia.j.krone: “Dr. Enstrom is one of the best clinical professors! She really helps students understand disease processes and engage with their patients! @astepaheadmiddletn does great work educating adolescents and adults about their sexual health, consent, anatomy and contraception!

Giving Tuesday

@joysquier, American Red Cross of Illinois: “Thank you Susan for the generous support of Better Magazine. #grateful”

A Safe Haven Foundation: “Thank you so much for helping us recover lives!”

Franciscan Outreach: “Thank you so much for recognizing our work!”

Nourishing Hope: “Thank you for the support!”

Facing Forward Chicago: “Happy Giving Tuesday Everyone!! Thanks for Including us @ Better chicago, this guide is amazing! So honored to be included aong these other fantastic orgs.” 

A Look at Alzheimer’s Association Latest Research Happening Locally

Marit Bohbot, Buccellati: “Thank you Better and the stellar research team.”

The Power of Opportunity

Val Haller, Valslist: “From the MIB music column to other community events and features, I’m honored to be aligned with you, your good work and your goals to impact the world.

How lucky we are to live in this era, this country; to have an idea, dream and work toward a mission, and watch it grow into fruition? I can never repay you for these early opportunities to write for your magazine … which led to a featured story (about Valslist) in O Magazine … which led to a job writing a weekly music column in NYT for three years. It’s all one thing building on another; with some karma and luck sprinkled in.

Thank you for everything.”

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