Tip of the Week: What’s Hiding In Your Weekly Budget?

Budgeting is important for every family, and parents need new ways to save in order to set money aside for the future.

One solution is to make a list of extra weekly purchases, and see how that daily latte and occasional lunch out really add up. Then, you’ll see how much you could save by making coffee at home and packing your lunch.

With that extra money, you can start putting money aside for your child’s college education—and College Illinois!® can help. A College Illinois! Prepaid Tuition Plan lets you purchase semesters of college at today’s contract rate while offering a wide range of payment options that can be tailored to fit your budget. Plans are flexible, you can choose to make monthly, annual or lump sum payments, letting you decide how much to pay and when.

No matter what your budget is, College Illinois! offers manageable plans to help you make college happen. Think about what you could afford to give up now to start planning for your child’s future education. Hurry, enrollment ends April 30th! Go online to start your prepaid tuition plan now.

College Illinois! Prepaid Tuition Program 

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