Desserts for Diapers

The flyer simply said: “Thank you for supporting the bake sale!  We are buying diapers for our sharing parish, St. Columbanus because we saw an article about how few diapers there are available.”

Below, Liz Satter, 11-year-old Glencoe resident, outlines how she and her friends (Emma Bischoff, Glencoe; Caroline Jaros, Winnetka;  Bronwen Malles, Winnetka; and Sarah Sladnick, Glencoe) planned and executed “Desserts for Diapers,” a bake sale fundraiser for St. Columbanus Church Food Pantry in Chicago.

1) Me and my friends got the idea from an article we saw on the Internet.

A. We wanted to do something about it.

1. We decided to have a bake sale on the Sunday coming up

  • First we got permission from the priests and the teachers.
  • We baked for 7 hours total on Friday and Saturday (and danced around).
  • We made signs and flyers.
  • After all the baking on Saturday we packaged for about 2 hours.
  • Then on Sunday morning after mass we sold our goods.

We made $525.42 cents. Our goods only lasted 2 masses.

2) We had a breakfast meeting on the Friday morning.

A. We ate Panera and talked about the letter we would write to the CEO of a big diaper company asking for a donation.

  • We made an outline,
  • Then we wrote the letter.
  • After we were done, we had a dance party.
  • We ordered more than 2,600 diapers.
  • My mom asked Mrs. Galanis for wipes at a discount, and we got a lot free.

3) We mailed our letter.

4) On the 28th of October we visited St. Columbanus and gave them the diapers and wipes.

  • They were so grateful and caring.
  • We helped to package food and to hand out bags.
  • They were so heavy that I could barely lift them.
  • Half the people there were older than 50.
  • One of us gave a little girl a Taffy Apple and she was so happy.
  • Two little boys were happy to just get cereal.


(Added by Mom: The girls also sent thank you notes for the wipes donation and to the family that helped with their diaper request letter.)

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