Easy Ways You Can Join the Fight to End World Hunger

Easy Ways Your Family Can Fight to End World Hunger

Around the world, there are people who go the whole day without eating. According to the World Food Programme, one in nine people still go to bed on an empty stomach and one in three suffer from some form of malnutrition. So what can you and your family do about it? A lot, actually. Whether you’re looking to give monetary donations or go out and volunteer your time, here are some easy ways you can do your part to combat world hunger.


Make a direct impact on world hunger without leaving home. By simply donating to one of these impactful organizations, you can help supply people all over the world with the food they need. There are also ways to make it more of a family-friendly activity, like having your children raise money on their own or work to earn the money they will donate. Take action right now with these five organizations.

World Hunger Day

Did you know that hunger kills more people than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined? To fight this devastating epidemic, The Hunger Project started World Hunger Day (May 28). It’s an initiative that aims to celebrate sustainable solutions to hunger and poverty. You can give in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Rise Against Hunger

Dream of a world without hunger? So does Rise Against Hunger, an organization that is dedicated to feeding everyone by providing food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable while also mobilizing the global community to give the necessary resources. Along with food, the organization provides communities in need with education, health care, dialogue surrounding gender inequality, and resistance to child labor.

Food For The Hungry

This organization believes that fighting hunger goes beyond putting food on the table. It focuses on also providing people with opportunities, resources, and self-worth. By supporting Food for the Hungry, you’ll fight world hunger and poverty at the same time.

Grameen Foundation

Help end hunger by donating to this organization, which focuses on enabling the the poor — especially women. Grameen Foundation offers more than food to the hungry. It also provides them with financial, agricultural, and health services.

Heifer International

World Hunger: Heifer International
Photo courtesy of Heifer International.

This organization teaches people the skills they need to feed themselves and their families. Heifer International trains people in sustainable farming, helps farmers gain access to markets, and empowers women to become leaders in the community. Learn more.


Looking to get out of the house to take action in honor of this important day? Take the kids to volunteer so they can get a direct experience with people who struggle with hunger in their local community.

Greater Chicago Food Depository

World Hunger: Greater Chicago Food Depository
Photo courtesy of Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Help distribute millions of pounds of donated food to hungry people all over the Greater Chicago area. There are different volunteer options, such as repacking or driving. There are also Kids Days one Saturday each month, perfect for kids ages 5-13.

Feed My Starving Children

World Hunger: Feed My Starving Children
Photo courtesy of Feed My Starving Children.

Take a trip to your nearest FMSC location for a two-hour shift. There, you’ll hand-pack rice, dried vegetables, and a blend of vitamins and minerals for those who suffer from hunger. It’s an easy and fun way to impact hundreds of children while spending time together.

Feed The Children

Take a trip somewhere to make a real impact on a community. You have to pay your own way, but Feed The Children organizes all of the details. You spend one to two weeks strengthening the community and helping them to provide healthcare residents often can’t get on a regular basis.

Get Moving

Fight world hunger as a family by participating in a local run or walk. You will make a donation to the cause in order to join the run or walk, and your participation will help raise awareness. Plus, it’s a great way to spend time together and enjoy the outdoors.

Run For Hunger

On July 22, you can participate in a 5K while your kids run the Kid Fun Run. It’s an easy way to get active while also contributing to the fight against world hunger. 

Hunger Walk

Mark your calendars — this year’s Hunger Walk will take place on Sep. 8 at Jackson Park. While this walk doesn’t take place on World Hunger Day, it does support local soup kitchens, pantries, and shelters. It’s also Chicago’s largest annual anti-hunger rally that raises both funds and awareness.


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