You Said It: Members of the Bay Area Community Offer Hope During the Pandemic

Giving back

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Thinking About Ice Cream

Marin General

With all the negative news in the world, there is some good news about the Napa Valley–based brand Re:THINK Ice Cream — it’s giving back to the community. The brand is working to donate over 22,000 single-serve cups to health care workers on the front lines in the Napa and Sonoma area. Re:THINK is continuing to deliver donations to hospital centers and hopes to help spread the love one scoop at a time. Re:THINK was founded by Napa Valley resident, George Haymaker III, after his battle with addiction. Re:THINK is keto-friendly, diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, contains no sugar alcohol and includes whey protein, green tea extract and prebiotic fiber.

SBN: Bravo to George for recovery and entrepreneurship that creates so many healthy connections and provides the world with delicious flavors. You are an inspiring example for many.

Huey Lewis and Lifehouse

Lifehouse provides support services to over 300 individuals with varying disabilities

in Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco counties. Lifehouse’s goal is to help each person become as independent as possible and a welcome, productive member of the community. Rocker Huey Lewis hosted the successful online silent auction that closed this week, but there is still time to donate through April 30.

The Milo Foundation, Richmond

Due to health concerns, as well as the financial constraints from reduced adoptions, the Richmond nonprofit has had to cut back on staffing at its Point Richmond location. The foundation provides domestic animal rescue, adoption and sanctuary. The reduced staffing has led to a reduction in the number of animals the foundation can currently rescue and care for in-house, but the public’s support in showing up to foster is nothing short of miraculous. As many shelters are closing to the public, a decrease in the animals that are rescued will increase the number of animals that will have to be euthanized. We are needed now more than ever. The center has limited funds coming in and needs donations now.

SBN: Thank you. Happy to help. Animals need safe homes in COVID-19 times as well.


We’ve all been exposed.
Not necessarily to the virus
(maybe…who even knows).
We’ve all been exposed BY the virus.

Corona is exposing us.
Exposing our weak sides.
Exposing our dark sides.
Exposing what normally lays far beneath the surface of our souls,
hidden by the invisible masks we wear.
Now exposed by the paper masks we can’t hide far enough behind.

Corona is exposing our addiction to comfort.
Our obsession with control.
Our compulsion to hoard.
Our protection of self.

Corona is peeling back our layers.
Tearing down our walls.
Revealing our illusions.
Leveling our best-laid plans.

Corona is exposing the gods we worship:
Our health
Our hurry
Our sense of security.
Our favorite lies
Our secret lusts
Our misplaced trust.

Corona is calling everything into question:
What is the church without a building?
What is my worth without an income?
How do we plan without certainty?
How do we love despite risk?

Corona is exposing me.
My mindless numbing
My endless scrolling
My careless words
My fragile nerves.

We’ve all been exposed.
Our junk laid bare.
Our fears made known.
The band-aid torn.
The masquerade done.

So what now? What’s left?
Clean hands
Clear eyes
Tender hearts.

What Corona reveals, God can heal.

–Anonymous Submission

Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor

“This is the fourth bear market that I have managed our clients through in my career. None of the previous three experiences were pleasant but the markets did eventually recover each time and valuable lessons were there to be learned,” says Patrick T. Farley of FPI Group in Greenbrae. “It’s never easy — just when you think you have handled the stress on the downside you replace it with stress about how to handle the upside.”

“All investment strategies should start with a well-thought-out financial plan that clearly articulates your objectives, time frame, risk tolerance and quantifies your required rate of return. There is no need to take more risk than is necessary to meet your stated objectives,” says Farley. “Don’t stress over your longer term or retirement investments and continue to save regardless of market conditions. Every single past market correction, prior to this one, has not only fully recovered but continued on to make new highs.”

The question is: how long will it take and will you have the patience and discipline to see those new highs? “A properly diversified portfolio will lessen the downside volatility which gives the investor a much higher probability of being able to maintain their confidence in the portfolio strategy,” Farley recommends asking your financial advisor to review your financial plan and insurance policies, evaluate the refinancing of debt, assess the value of converting your traditional IRA to a Roth, harvest tax losses where appropriate as capital losses may have an economic value equivalent to your income tax rate or capital gains tax rate, and help you chart a short-term cash plan if necessary.

We Are All Connected

Thanks Susan, for sharing the fact that California and Illinois and other states are on lockdown. With my economics background, I am reminded of that famous phrase, “We are all Keysesians now.” I feel “we are all connected now.” Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot helps. With fake news, I am leery of many sources. But,I trust Better. Keep up the new-and-improved digital editions. —Blythe McGarvie, Evanston

SBN: Honored to have earned your valuable trust. Thank you. Hope you share some of your cybersecurity expertise with us some day as well. Our audience will need it more than ever after flocking to the virtual world to stay connected.

PPE for Health Care Workers Drive

Bon Air Center in Greenbrae is hosting a personal protective equipment (PPE) drive to support local health care workers, organized by medical students from UCSF. You can help local hospitals that are running low on N-95 masks, gloves, face shields and goggles. If you or your business still have these items, please donate them. Many of us have these supplies in emergency kits and leftover from wildfire season. Let’s put these to good use now. These donations are still needed at Marin hospitals, UCSF and CPMC.

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