You Said It: Enjoy Delicious (and Healthy!) Food at Cooking Together Marin’s Fall Festival

You Said It: Enjoy Delicious (and Healthy!) Food at Cooking Together Marin’s Fall Festival

Cooking Together Marin Founded by Justine Reichman offers a day of fun and activities for foodies, cooking enthusiasts, health conscious people, and really, ANYONE WHO LOVES TO EAT!

More than three quarters of Americans live in a perpetual state of denial when it comes healthy eating habits.

As a nation, the vast majority of Americans believe that they maintain a healthy diet when the reality is that more than 35 percent of adults are considered obese and eight in 10 American adults fall short on the amount of fruits and vegetables they should consume each day.

When asked how healthy they consider their personal diets, 75 percent of Americans ranked their eating habits as good, very good, or excellent.

One of the greatest challenges in generating nutritional awareness is not just with the general public, but also among the professionals who develop recipes and prepare our food.

The Cooking Together initiative is dedicated to helping aspiring foodies and novice chefs use the best ingredients to promote nutrition awareness community by community. We achieve this by organizing a series of fun-filled family events featuring recipe contests, recipe books, cooking events, and cooking exhibitions with celebrity chefs.

Cooking Together Marin Fall Festival Invite

This one-of-a-kind event on Sept. 23 at Mill Valley Lumber Yard will teach the community about the benefits of eating healthy foods without having to sacrifice taste. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not!

Not only will there be family activities at every turn — but the event will also be highlighted by a new-look cooking contest (think “Top Chef” meets “Rachael Ray”) where people with a passion for healthy cooking can submit recipes to be judged by a special guest chef.

The ultimate goal is to share ideas and recipes with the community in an effort to help the people in Marin adopt healthier eating habits. Parents and kids are welcome to participate in fun-filled cooking events that are designed around fresh ingredients and better cooking habits.

Cooking Together Marin

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