4 Ways to Practice Mindfulness During a Pandemic

Practicing mindfulness is more important than ever during this unprecedented time. Brief rituals, like meditation, stretching, or just sitting still for a few minutes quiets the stress that often overwhelms our brains during the workday. It also improves our overall health and wellness.

As a Partner at Clifford Law Offices, I know all too well the stress of an attorney’s day-to-day existence. Since I’m also a wellness coach, I strongly believe that the busier we get, the more we need mindfulness to counterbalance that stress — especially as the global health crisis continues.

I work closely with our staff to do just this. Take a look at these bite-sized mindfulness activities I recommend for them to do throughout each day:

1. Rise and Refresh


The key to a morning routine is consistency. Whether it’s five minutes or 30, this time can be used meaningfully to set the rest of your day up for success. Commit to taking a shower every morning, even if you are still working from home. You will feel refreshed, put-together, and motivated for the rest of your day.

Also think about what goes into your body at the start of the day. Do you stumble towards the coffeemaker to get a morning jolt as fast as possible? Opt instead for a cool herbal tea or a smoothie packed with immune-boosting spices. Your body might reel from lack of caffeine for a few days, but it will thank you in the long run.

2. Have a Midday Meal

cooking mindfully

Make time, even if it’s 20 minutes, to step away from work and eat a proper lunch. You can even schedule this into your calendar as you would a meeting or phone call.

3. Enjoy an Afternoon Pause


Take five minutes each afternoon just for you. That could be meditation, some stretching, a quick walk around the block. Especially during quarantine, where working from home often leads to working around the clock, taking a few minutes to pause and/or do some movement is critical to your overall energy and peace of mind.

4. Unwind in the Evening


A very simple, mindful trick I do when I work from home is change my clothes at the end of the day. I get into comfy mode with relaxed clothing that signals the day is done and it’s time to unwind before going to bed. Other activities can include taking a slow walk, reading, or cooking a healthy meal for you and your partner.

Whether you’re continuing to work from home or making the transition back to the office, take a look at your day-to-day routine and see where you can plant some of these mindfulness rituals. Your body and brain will thank you in the long run.

Learn more about Erin Clifford on her website.

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