5 Beauty Tips for Moms on the Go

Carmindy, a professional make-up artist on TLC’s hit show “What Not To Wear,” talked with us about how a busy mom can get out the door quickly, but looking gorgeous.

She walked us through her famous “5 minute face.” Easy enough for amateurs, but pro results! And her signature advice? Don’t forget to “Carmindize!” (See #2 if you’re a WNTW newbie.)



1. Foundation

Rather than wasting time covering your full face, brush on foundation in key points: around the nose, under the eyes, on the chin and any other red or uneven areas on the face.

2. Carmindize

The magic touch! She gives her clients a natural glow by taking either a cream highlighter or a light and shimmery eye shadow and brushing it on three key areas: under the brow, the inner corner of the eyes and the top of the cheekbone.

3. Skip Eye Shadow

You don’t have time for it! Instead, define the eyes by rubbing an eye-liner pencil along the upper lash line. This, combined with the highlights around the eyes in step 2, creates the look of eye shadow without the time.

4. Mascara

Define the upper lashes only with mascara. Don’t apply it on the lower lash line and spend all day wondering if it smudged—not worth it.

5. Lipstick

Choose a light pink shade of either lipstick or tinted lip balm to apply on the lips and the apple of the cheeks. This gives you a natural, radiant glow without having to worry about blush!

Must-Have Products:

1. Carmindy works with Sally Hansen Natural Beauty to produce a line with all of those shimmery creams we need to “carmindize.” This line offers natural highlighters, defining mascaras and sheer blushes to complete the look.2. The creamy shimmers continue with Carmindy’s next pick, the Satin Luster Palette by Fresh. This palette offers white pearl, beige pearl and rose pearl lusters, which add a soft, iridescent glow to the face.
3. Carmindy also recommended La Femme’s Sparkle Dust as an easy way to lightly add shimmer and glow to the face and eyes. These shimmery powders are available in a variety of hues and, better yet, are available at adiscountbeauty.com

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