Philanthropy Award Winner Chicago Fire Foundation Creates Safe Space for Students to Prioritize Academics, Learn Life Skills and Play Soccer

For grade school-aged children, often the best boost to their academic and social performance is the addition of an extracurricular activity to stimulate their brain and body. Sports, for example, not only engage children physically but also encourage them to work on a number of skill sets like communication and perseverance.  The importance and real […]

Emerald City Theatre is Inspiring a Love of Reading in Chicago Students (and You Can Help)

Since 2012, Chicago’s Emerald City Theatre has provided free arts education programming to more than 18,000 low-income Chicago Public Schools students. Each year, powered by the collective strength of the company’s One Fund, second and third graders see a free theatre performance and receive a companion book, allowing them to have an unforgettable experience with […]

You Said It: Empowering Teachers to Enhance Their Classroom Experience and Ultimately Their Students’ Lives

Approximately 29 years ago, while touring the city’s public schools, I met Joyce Rumsfeld. We were taking part in the Know Your Chicago lecture and tour series designed to promote civic awareness and participation. Joyce and I began talking about the importance of supporting Chicago Public Schools (CPS) teachers, and she informed me of a nonprofit organization […]

Chicago Debate Commission Announces Rebrand

Chicago Debate Commission (formerly) celebrates 20 years of fostering debate in Chicago Public Schools by making a huge announcement. On Aug. 20, the organization announced its rebrand as Chicago Debates. With guidance from Mark Drozd and his team at EPIC, under the new name and logo, the organization will better reflect its values and the […]

Better Makers: Channeling the Power of Debate to Transform Students' Futures

“To be able to disagree with respect is a skill that we’ve all lost,” Andrea Zopp told attendees at the seventh annual Make Room for Debate Luncheon, which celebrated 20 years of partnership between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Debate League and Chicago Debate Commission. Zopp, president and CEO of World Business Chicago, and recently named one of Make It […]